For fans of extreme cinema, Dobermann is almost a must-a good blend of violence, style, and craziness with a thumping soundtrack and over-the-top acting and set-pieces. It lacks the edge that other ‘extreme’ movies have, and is devoid of any compassion, but on the other hand it does not go far enough to disturb the audience. A good cast does well, particularly Cassell and Karyo as the respective charismatic robber and psychotic cop, but at times the mashing together of genres does not work completely.

Cassell stars as Dobermann, a man with a penchant for violence ever since his birth. He is the boss of a notorious gang of misfit robbers who have been preying on Paris for years. His nemesis is Cristini, a cop whose sadistic nature means he abuses his power and position and will stop at nothing to catch Dobermann and his mates. After a large heist with suitably insane weaponry Dobermann has plenty of money, but Critini is getting closer, and eventually they meet and a long chase ensues. The plot may not be original, but it is always interesting, violent, and well worth watching.

There are plenty of outstanding scenes here amidst the wackiness- the grenade inside a motorcyclists helmet while riding, the grenade in a baby’s pram, the head being scraped along the road at 90 mph etc. It tries hard to be cool and stylish, and mostly it works, just a pity there is a lack of substance which would have made it a classic of the genre. There is nothing special as far as extras are concerned on the DVD.

As always, please leave your comments on the movie and the review. Is this an underrated French cult flick or is it a mess?

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