The film in which Rodriquez really came to prominence, Desperado is a continuation from his low budget effort ‘El Mariachi’, which deservedly gained him recognition from big studios as well as indie heroes such as Tarantino. The man with the guitar case full of guns is coming to town, looking for the man who killed the woman he loved. He sends a friend ahead of himself (Buscemi in another great performance) to set the scene- to tell the tale of a deadly encounter with the man who has become a legend, to try and find out if any locals have knowledge of Bucho, the one he believes is responsible for his lover’s death. When Banderas finally comes to town several bloodbaths ensue in glorious fashion, and he takes refuge with a local woman played with strength and guts by Salma Hayak. Naturally they fall for each other as The Mariachi gets to the bottom of the mystery.

The film has good performances from all, is very stylish and funny, with excellent dialogue, and the plot admittedly takes a step back to let the action have centre stage. The bullets fly everywhere, the action is fluid and original, and the stunts are all the more impressive because of the tiny budget. The sex scene is memorable, not because it is gratuitous, but because of the lighting and cutting, like much of the film. Violent and loud mouthed, but brilliant fun, and one for aspiring directors who have small budgets, proving that it can be done.

The DVD has a few decent extras- mainly the commentary.

Feel free to comment on the review and the movie- is this the best of the trilogy? Is this still the best from Rodriguez?

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