Body Shots

Body Shots

An end of nineties and 20th century film which attempts to discuss issues of relationships between twenty-something men and women, sex, rape, and our opinions on each. It does not try to be too clever though, some of the characters are unsavoury but the cast are all young, fresh faced Hollywood stars, though not the huge names. It revolves around two groups of friends, men and women who discuss things like the first date, sex, and what they want in a partner. They meet on a night out and most end up sleeping with each other. However, the next day one of the women accuses one of the men of rape. We then see how each character rallies around their friends, how the men are pushed away at times, how each group can mistrust each other, and how the cops try to work it all out.

Jerry O Connell stars as Michael, a jock accused by Sara. We are then shown in flashback both sides of the story. Sara claims she was raped, but has a history of going with the wrong type of guy and being sexually forward. Michael says it was not rape, and that she consented, but he has a history of treating women as nothing other than shells to be screwed. As there is no real proof we have to make up our own minds, leaving us to think about the state of modern relationships. Amidst this bleak plot there is comedy in the film, and all the performances are good, particularly from Emily Proctor whose part is small. The dialogue is witty with some funny lines, and the discussion between friends about sex is both humourous and honest and will please both sexes. At times it seems like a bizarre film- serious issues, though tackled with an amount of humour- titilating, though concerning serious issues. Nevertheless, it is worth watching.

Feel free to comment on the movie- was there too much focus on the fun side of sex and not enough on the bad side, or vice versa?

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