Young Guns II: Rollin’, rollin’, rollin- RAW HAW!

Young Guns 2: Part 2, is as much an ensemble piece as the first film was. Survivors from the first film (Shat Pack favourites- Charlie ‘Mr’ Sheen, Ann Diamond Phillips, Emilio ‘I wish I was Michael J Fox’ Extevez, and Keifer ‘Lost Boy’ Southland) come together again with a host of new pups including Jonathan Bon Jovi, Chuck Norris, Muslim Slater, and Conrad Dorito. The plot follows the gang coming together again after the exploits of the first film- they have all been on the run from legendary law man Wyatt Ear who believes they are responsible for several murders and atrocities. Since the first film most have gone their separate ways. Billy The Boy has been rampaging through Texas robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, then killing the poor, and eating the rich. Doc has been on holiday in Mexico, has got himself a gal and spends his days making poetry, his night making sweet love. Neil Diamond Philips has been off on some sort of Spirit Guide affair, finding his inner Peyote and living in peace. They realise though that White Herpy is getting close and absolutely will not stop, ever, until they are dead. Or arrested. They need to ride once more, not Runaway, they may go down in a Blaze of Glory, but at least Someday they’ll be Saturday night.

This film is basically a remake of the first, albeit with a new plot and characters. It teaches you a lot about the Cowboys that used to roam about England before it was renamed America. There are shoot outs, drinking, women, and horses- everything you would expect in a good Western/Blue movie. We learn that Jimmy The Kid is actually one of the few remaining Demi-Mortals- humans who age anything from 2 to ten times slower than the rest of us. Whether or not this has been proved to be historically true is open for debate as no body was ever found and some claim to see him giggling and jumping through their wheat fields at night while they sit on their porch rocking chair sipping Sasparella.

Best Scene: When they are trapped with their backs to the wall and decide to charge out firing their guns in slow motion as the picture fades to sepia, and Living On A Prayer plays in the background. It makes me wish I was a Cowman and roam the desert shooting hippies!

Tell it like it is!

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