Young Frankenstein: Not For Your Eyes!

This film was so scary I had to watch it through my fingers- my eyes were safely hidden in my pocket. Not surprisingly I couldn’t really see what was going on and had to guess. As soon as I heard the scary music at the start I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it- it’s the same feeling I got watching the Halloween episodes of Bugs Bunny, the ones where the scary green witch tries to eat him. Brrr, I’m getting spooky just thinking about it. The film seems to be about a crazy scientist whose children die in some sort of freak electrical accident, possibly involving a lighthouse. The scientist wants to bring his kids back from the dead and believes he can do this by taking the best body parts from each and stitching them together. There are various terrifying scenes of him lurking through graveyards and Undertaker’s houses so that he can acquire all the extra parts he needs. Eventually he builds a son for himself but it still needs life. As everyone knows 300 millilitres of electricity (Stat!) blown into the heart and brain at the same time is enough to bring any living thing back from the dead- of course in real life this vary rarely happens. He does it and his son is reborn again. They are both crazy though, the creature doesn’t know if he is one person or various considering all the different bits which make him up. Naturally he goes on a rampage and throws lots of other children into lakes with lawnmowers attached to them. This was never fully explained and (pardon the pun) struck me as a little strange. I don’t want to talk anymore about this as it is too scary. I might watch it again when I’m thirty, as when you’re 28 you shouldn’t be watching scary movies like this; You should be watching films with explodings and boobs, and playing Guitar Heroes.

Best Scene: When the monster breaks into Strictly Come Dancing and does a foxtrot with Brucie before mauling Bruno to death. I would give that a 4.5!

Tell it like it is!

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