This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

Having established themselves as one of Britain’s biggest bands, the Manics 5th album was highly anticipated. Not only did they have to follow up their most successful album, they had to do it completely free of Richey’s input. It is an album of two halves- the first being commercial and containing the singles (including their first number 1) while the second is a much more downbeat and experimental affair. Mostly gone are the big guitars and rock sound, replaced by pianos, strings, and a more gloomy tone.  This second half is mostly dismissed by fans, but on closer inspection it contains some of Nicky’s most personal work. It must be applauded for the fact that the band were not simply trying to release another Everything Must Go, and trying new sounds and ideas. The first 6 songs are classic hitmaking Manics- catchy melodies, big choruses, and other loveliness.  A mixed bunch then, but stronger than the next album.

Songs coming soon…

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