Everything Must Go- An Introduction

After three albums of hype, brilliance, but little commercial success the band lost their talisman. One very large quarter of this band of equality was gone knocking the remaining trio out of balance and putting their future in serious doubt. Fortunately he had left some words and ideas behind and the band decided to continue. As irony would have it, they would release their biggest album. Packed with songs which even the most musically unaware could name and describe now it sold a lot and propelled the band to the top of the charts, making them a household name. So, a bittersweet outcome and a bittersweet release. Songs are tinged with sadness and loss, with inevitability and defeat, while others retain some of the fire of the band’s youth. Employing better production values and expanding their musical output with a glorious string section and some brass from Sean it still sounds great today, and unlike all the britpop pap which surrounded it it neither sounds dated nor of its time.

Songs coming soon…

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