Gold Against The Soul: An Introduction

The Manic Street Preachers’ second album tones down the scale of the original, but raises the anthem rock fists by giving us 10 riff heavy, big chorus songs. Richey and Nicky take a few steps back from politics and set their sights again on celebrity and consumer culture and most notably on themselves. We get the first clear signs of Richey’s tormented mind, the growing despair he felt and his inability to cope with it. We get songs about sacrifice, suicide, self harm, and lyrics concerning various mental conditions, self hate, and general social disability.  Juxtaposed with this though is the arena rock of James,  each song leading with a massive riff, distorted soloing, thumping drums from Sean, and a few big vocal ballads. On many songs there is good use of violins and other string instruments which would become the hallmark of the band’s later successes, the sound quality is higher, the playing is better, and James unleashes some impressively ferocious singing. Often forgotten (even by the band nowadays) Gold Against The Soul nevertheless contains some of the band’s best work; even if it is over top, crowd surfing fun.

Songs coming soon…

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