Quantum Of Solace: 008 Is Lonely And Angry

Bont returns again once more for another time, and this time he has to chase bad guys and save a sexy woman. The original plot is a sequel to the previous year’s Casino Royal, which was heralded as a new beginning for Bone. True enough, as it saw Bond killing members of the Royal family when previously he had spent his life trying to protect them. Many didn’t like this shift in tone- I didn’t care as long as there was plenty of guns, gadgets and excitements. Quantum Of Soalce is aptly named- Bondy is now on his own after the FBI realised that killing the Royal Family wasn’t the best idea, and they want to blame it all on Bon. He has no friends, so the likes of P, W, and of course Mr Gadget- F – do not appear in the film. This means there is a lack of humour and a more hard edged tone. Craig David suits this role perfectly as he rewinds through all the people he has met and tries to selecta the person who framed him. His only friend on this journey is a sexy girl he meets along the way. She, Ivana Complenti, wants revenge on the same bad guy Pond is after (Franz Grenade). He has a scary scheme to take over the world by turning water into diamonds. Of course Bint’s main mission is to catch the man (Claws) who killed his woman from the last film- Gloria Stitz.

Happily, there is less card playing in this film, and more car racing- a much better game in my opinion. There is an excitement chase at the start where Blond and a group of bad guys run through the streets, then jump into cars to speed along the edge of a cliff, only to parachute off the cliff into a helicopter, fight in the helicopter down into the sea where they continue to fight on a hovercraft which moves from the sea, onto the beach, along the busy motorway, and back up the mountain into another sets of cars. This 40 minute scene is done in one take, without any cuts. Other bonuses include Bend being chased through the jungle by the same lasers who almost chopped him up in Goldenfinger, another fight with aeroplanes, a motorbike chase on top of a car, and various fist fights with lots of tables being broken. Not the best Bob film, but certainly the best so far.

Best Scene: The little music interlude from Casino Royal being re-used as Band remembers his dead wife. It was very subtle, but very sad and obvious.


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