Little Miss Sunshine: Comic Genius and Wisdom Genius!

I usually don’t like this sort of film, but I do like comedies, so I thought I would give it a go. I’m glad I did, because this film is a Little Ray Of Sunshine! It is SO funny and SO clever! I haven’t laughed this hard since the fat woman in that Greek Wedding film walked away with her headphones on and hurt her neck! I had a trouser incident that time, and there were many more brown moments here!

Listen to my words: This film is about a family who go for a drive across the world so that they can take their daughter (son?) to a Beautiful Contest. Boring huh? Where are the guns and killings and explodings and head bustings!? Let me finish, idiot. The thing is- the wee girl isn’t a pretty one! Yet she enters this competition to win with her beauty! That was a soil. The best bit is, the rest of her family are strangoids two!

The granda is an old man. Waiting to die you would think, mumbling on rusks and thinking about the good old days? WRONG! This film changes it by making the granda a sexy pest! He likes the beers, he likes the womans, and he loves the naughty words! You didn’t see that coming and no, nor neither didn’t I! It is SO clever and SO smart.

There is a dad. Business man? WRONG! He is insecure and his wife wears the trousers!

There is a mum? Housewife? WRONG! She wears the jeans because her husband likes bras! It is SO funny and SO cleverly.

There is a teenage son. You would think he is a rowd –  chasing girls and shouting like a lout, and talking about sports and boobs and drinking bad juice!? WRONG for another time! It is SO clever because it changes it and does the thing that you don’t expect by making him not speak. He actually wears black and reads books! What is this!? MADNESS!

The family get into many japes as they fly across the planet in their converted school bus (what were they on when they wrote this – cheese!?). They eat in McDonalds and then drive off without paying. They go to a Toga party at a local University and the granda drinks all the wine so the jocks chase them away. The son falls in love with Pamela Anderson and tries to kidnap her at a book signing (he wraps her inside his toga). They keep finding a French cyclist in every town they visit and cause him humusing mishaps, like opening the bus door so he cycles into it, or reversing over his skull while he gently rests in the forest. There are too many bits to mention so I’ll stop. The bit where the police are looking at the dad and he walks with his head down so they can’t see his face, but then he walks into a lamp post! The bit where the dad and granda are sleeping in the same bed and they put each other’s hands between two pillows-except it’s not pillows! I don’t want to spoil anymore so watch it for yourself. The part where the teenage son gets so angry that after 70 minutes of not talking- he actually does actually talk. An amazing shock, and one of thee most impressive slices of irony I’ve ever seen! The bit where the granda climbs inside a coffin, but it is already occupied so he kicks the skeleton in the nuts!

Eventually they get to some place that they were trying to get to (how ironic!) and the girl goes on stage. Rather than get all dressed up like the other women, this film tricks you again by doing something different! I won’t spoil it, but I’ll say that it involves a long black wig, Trevor McDonald, a box of matches, and 12. It is just too amazing lee clever and funny, and too SMART for the average brain! The best film since sliced bread!

Best Scene: There are too many! The bit when they are driving through the ice and the mum decides to lick the window but her tongue gets stuck, and the granda says ‘Stick that tongue on me any day baby!’ Ha ha ha ha heh heh heh hee ha ha HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Utter Shite
Utter Shite

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