Lawrence Of Arabia: Lots of things to look at, but Nothing to see

Laurence Of Arabia is a film about an Englishman who decides to become a camel trader in Egypt. He gets involve in Wars, falls in love, and rides his camels. Camels are his one true love and they seem to understand him equally. Laurence is played by Robert Redford, and the best thing about the movie is how great Redford looks riding across the Mohave Desert dressed all in white. It was like watching a ghost movie set in the desert in daylight. Unfortunately, although the film looks pretty, it is far too long and nothing really happens. I like my films to be packed full of excitements, but in the 360 minutes of watching here, there was only one fight scene, one camel chase, and the side of one boob. Very disappointing. Somehow this went on to become one of the most award-winning films of all times, picking up 30 Oscars. If you want a better film about life in the desert, watch Damnation Alley with Jan-Michael-Vincent. It has so much more excitement and has giant scorpions too! I won’t be watching this again and I don’t think you should too. Boring, long, and boring too.

Best Scene: When one man is looking off into the sunset and sees something approaching like a mirage. It takes 6 minutes (one continuous shot) for the thing to come into focus, and the director (who would go on to make The Shining) creates a palpable sense of tension. Is it going to be a monster? A Bad guy? Laurence? In the end it turns out to be the film’s most startling scene- Ronnie Wood wearing the skin of Marianne Faithful, which the costume department stole while she was sleeping and painted orange.

Not Fade Away
Not Fade Away

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