Police Story 3: Stop In The Name Of The Law!

This Chop Foey film continues the story of Superchop Stevie Chan played by Marital Arts Master Jack Chan. The film stars the 4 most famous Chinese actors ever – Chan, Maggie Cheung as his wife, Michelle Yoyo as his boss, and Butch Wiffy as the bad guy. Chan’s Uncle decides to send him to mainland China to infiltrate a Drug Baron called Samedi. Chan must join the group by pretending to be a prisoner and getting it on with Samedi’s left leg man known as Clive. He gains Clive’s trust by busting out of prison together. This scene featured over 500 real prisoners having a riot- Chan fought his way through every one of them and later made sure they returned to their cells after warning them that he would return to finish them off if they tried to make a run for freedom or a run for escape. It is a big excitement scene with lots of kicks and stuff, and one part sees Chan using another inmate as a bat, swinging his way happily through hordes of murderers, rapists, and tax avoiders.

Later Clive takes Chan to Samedi’s Lair where they have some 7-Up and a few games of monopoly. Chan wins (using the boot) and Samedi huffs, killing a few henchmen. Chan thinks he may be in2deep this time. They go to free Samedi’s mistress, Lady Tibet, who has special bank codes but is on death row for walking backwards down a dark alley. Eventually Samedi sees Chan is really a cop (he should have stopped wearing his sheriff’s badge) and tries to kill him. There is a tragic event and Chan goes all Bruce Lee, killing all the bad guys in a ferocious 40 minute finale over roads, rooftops, rivers, racecourses, using cars, carts, copters, capers, and cartwheels. It is packed full of actions and is lovely to watch, especially with a few cans of cant.

Best Scene. When Chan kills a bad guy with a monopoly board, quipping ‘DO NOT PASS GO, SILLY BAD MAN HEAD!’


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