In the late 80s and early 90s Freddy was at his peak of fame and notoriety. Kids were running around outside wearing stripey jumpers, mums were running around the kitchen with gloves, teens were running around sitting down with videos they were too young to watch, and all sorts of merchandise and spin offs were running around our shops and TVs. Freddy’s Nightmares was an OK show, Freddy’s Sex was excellent obviously, though Clean Your House with Freddy (and kill your neighbour) was a lowlight. Freddy popped up in a few other movies too- Friday The 13th part 7 or 5 or something, and The Goonies (if you watch closely).

‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 8: Dreamcatcher’ was after all this and was meant to reboot the series, like Police Academy 6 did. Unfortunately, Freddy doesn’t do much in it- he hides in a toilet, and makes all the folks in the town dream about aliens but that’s about it. They even hired Steve King to pencil the script for this, but even his genius couldn’t save the day. Whoever wrote the original story was clearly an idiot and Steve King shouldn’t sully his name being involved with such inferiors. I bet the staff weren’t even Freddy fans, they just wanted to make a quick buck. There isn’t even a strong female lead like Heather Krueger Mellenkamp from the earlier ones- you would think after the success of Buffy that every horror film would capitalise by having a kick ass heroin, but not here. We just get a bunch of men walking around in the snow. Some of the deaths scenes are pretty good, some of the best in the whole Elm street saga in fact, but that isn’t enough to save it. I hope the next film deals more with Freddy than this one did. They should call it The Dream Executioner or something cool like that.

Best Scene I can’t think of any stand out scenes but I must admit the snow looked rather nice. It was quite realistic and made me want to throw myself into the fire.


Freddy 9: Sunnydale Goon Camp


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