28 Days Later: Scary Dary

It is a well known fact that I actually had my own draft of this movie written before Danny Boy decided to make it. It was about 5 years (or 1825 days to keep with the mood of the review) before this film was made that I had a dream. Actually a nightmare. There are some differences, and some similarities. His is set in present day, mine seemed to be set in a near future. In mine an experiment with chimps led to a deadly virus which turned humans into bloodthirsty rage fulled monsters. And these creatures had red eyes. Very similar, eh? Well, my creatures could shoot fire from their mouths, lasers from their eyes, and vomit acid. And also in mine, some of the creatures began to evolve, remember how to speak, and remember their past lives. In fact the only thing which gave them away was their eyes, so they all started to wear shades to cover the redness. There was a shock ending also, which I will not reveal. Anyway, I was surprised when I saw the trailer for this and thought ‘hey! They’ve nicked my idea!’ But obviously these are just coincidences and no-one ever read my script anyway. I thought it looked good and as I’d liked Boy’s earlier effort Gravespotting I thought I’d give it a go.

The best thing is this; my dream was primarily about man’s self destructive nature, and how abusing our forefathers (chimps) like many people in the world now do will only lead to chaos. Boy’s film also shows this. I have seen a disturbing trend recently in movies which try to show that monkeys spread disease, that monkeys kill people, or that they are idiots. None of these are true. Monkeys are the best, most intelligent creatures on out planet and we should revere them. Sure in the future they’re probably going to be our masters but that is all the more reason to love them now so that they befriend, rather than enslave us. Ha ha, only joking. That was a reference to another terrible film which portrays monkeys as evil. I want to see more films which show primates (that’s the scientific term) as benevolent, harmless, peaceful, fun-loving dudes.The world would be a better place if we all monkeyed about a bit more. Spiders on the other hand are the spawn of Satan, and must be crushed on sight.

This film has some scareful bits, and a few excitement moments where you’re not sure whether to scream or not. The bit where the monsters are chasing the fools through the tunnel and the bit where Silly-Ann Murphy is walking round London by himself. He should have just went to Harrods and McDonalds and made out like bandits. He wakes to find the world is empty, Day of The Tulips style, but eventually is chased by the creatures. He meets up with a small group of survivors who explain what’s going on, and they try to travel to Glasgow where there are other survivors, and better runways to escape on a plane from. They meet evil army men, they fight with the creatures, and generally have an exciting time. It’s not the best horror film I’ve seen, but considering how awesome horror films are these days it really needed more scary bits and killings. However, as I am usually too scared by horror movies I though this was just right.

Best Scene: When Murray is exploring Olde London Town and he looks into a car window- BOOM! A dead body falls by the window inside the car. Everyone jumped at that in my house!

Sorry- Zandra

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