Time Out London Guide 2008

The Time Out travel guides are amongst the most well written, handy, informative, useful, and overall best guides in the world, with a wide series covering cities and countries across the globe. This edition, relating to London is no exception, giving the reader valuable insight to the city, as well as providing information on the best places to go, monuments to see, and restaurants and bars to visit. Not initially being a fan to these types of guides, being a believer that you should go, be surprised, and experience the world for yourself. However, for less adventurous travellers, families, and couples – no trip to London should be complete without this.

The structure of the book is laid out in an easy to understand manner, with London split up into different districts, a map for each, and subdivided into categories such as places to see, events which are on, shows to see, places to eat etc. The descriptions are simple to follow, and are never boring as many guides can be. There are many photographs of famous buildings and streets to colour the guide, listings for opening and closing times, train time-tables, and even planned daily guides of where to go if you want to be led around. Also, there is a map of the metro system which at first may seem daunting is easy to understand with a little time. This map certainly helps when deciding where to go next and how to get there. If you’re heading to London soon for the first time, and are unsure of going it alone, then this guide will act as your… guide.

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